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The Department of Transport’s new regulations are expected to be enforced in the next year. One of these new regulations is lower speed limits eg 120km limit will become 100km and 60km will become 40km. The Addie asked the community what they think of the new limits. This is what they had to say:

Community shares their opinion

Last week, a photo of a woman in a cage on the back of a bakkie was the cause of outrage on social media. The pregnant woman said in media reports that she wanted to sit on the back of the back as it was too hot inside. The man apparently gave the woman a lift to town.

Christmas shopping

With Christmas Day around the corner and shopping centres teeming with shoppers, the Addie took to the streets to ask the community if they do last-minute Christmas shopping or if they have bought gifts well in advance of the ‘crazy season’.

Liewe Kersfeesvader

Kersfees is om die draai, en is beslis een van die lekkerste tye in meeste kinders se lewens. Ons het ’n draai by Vinnige Voetjies Kleuterskool gemaak, om te hoor wat Kersfeesvader vir hierdie klein mensies moet bring vir Kerfees.