International articles

North Korea test-fires ballistic missile: Yonhap

North Korea test-fired a ballistic missile from an area north of Pyongyang Saturday, a news agency report said, as the United States pushed for tougher sanctions to curb the country’s nuclear threat.

US NSA spy agency halts controversial email sweep

The National Security Agency announced Friday it would end its controversial practice of sweeping up any email or text message an American exchanges with someone overseas that makes reference to a real target of NSA surveillance.

Mexico economy survives Trump’s first 100 days

The Mexican economy has fared better than expected under the uncertainty caused by US President Donald Trump’s first 100 days in office, with GDP up 0.6 percent in the first quarter.

Macron banishes pro-Kremlin media from campaign trail

French presidential frontrunner Emmanuel Macron’s campaign has banished Russia Today and Sputnik, denying them accreditation after the candidate’s team said the pro-Kremlin outlets publish misleading information.