Youth essay competition against racism

A national essay writing competition against racism will this month encourage young people to prove that the pen is indeed mightier than the sword.

My little demon of destruction

Almost three years ago, I wrote a column about leaving the nest and moving out on my own for the first time.

Is Facebook stealing our humanity?

As an editor I recognise the inherent value of social media and its power to inform our readers of news and allow us to interact with them.

Geduld kan jou aangenaam verras

Die jaar mag dalk rustig begin het vir baie mense, maar dié staan nou al stewig in sy nuwe skoene.

Retching Ralphie!

Last week Ralph was mooching around the place looking very sorry for himself.

Striking a work-life balance

Companies across the world are trialing the six-hour working day concept to see if it really increases productivity and overall happiness.