Local sport

Cycling for charity

Sonop is a group of cyclists from the University of Pretoria (men’s residence) riding around Gauteng raising funds for, and awareness of, breast cancer.

Wheelers trophy winners

Dave Clarke and his wife Carol received the Most Improved Road Bike Male and Female trophies at the Springs Wheelers Cycling Club held at Pollak Park Golf Club last Friday.

‘Langarm’ is a winner

The Bert Collins Boxing Club has decided to host regular ‘langarm’ dances due to the success of Friday evening’s event.

Grotes wil nie byt, kleines vang te lekker

Na weke van beplanning het die Afrikaanse Protestante Kerk Fonteine se hengeldag laas Dinsdag (21 Maart) reeds om 2vm begin vir sekere organiseerders.

SOB loses by one wicket

The last cricket match of the season between Springs Old Boys and Bedfordview Premium turned out to be a cliff-hanger on Sunday.

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