Geduld cemetery’s fate revealed – Metro responds

Local residents finally know the fate of the Geduld cemetery.

Spokesman for the the metro, Themba Gadebe, says, “The cemetery reached capacity in the late 1990s and thus became an inactive cemetery, in Ekurhuleni, inactive cemeteries are those cemeteries which have reached capacity for first interments but are still open for second and third interments and the burial of ashes.”

“Due to decreased burial activity at this cemetery, most of the infrastructure has, over the years, become dilapidated and vandalised leading to the state the cemetery is currently in, the Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality, through the National Heritage Resources Act (Act 25 of 1999) will start the process of demolishing vandalised buildings at the cemetery only.”

The cemetery will not be demolished.

In a previous statement, Gadebe said: “Geduld cemetery is on a list of buildings to be demolished that was submitted to Real Estate for review and action.”

However, today Gadebe sheds light on the statement made, “The metro would like to clarify that under no circumstances will the graves be demolished and tombstones removed, all the people who have reserved graves at the cemetery will not lose their reservations and can either use the grave or sell the unused reserved graves back to council.”

Geduld cemetery is one of the oldest cemeteries in Ekurhuleni and according to the metro the first burial took place in the cemetery 109 years ago.

Metro has advised that members of the community can contact Petersfield cemetery for any queries regarding burials, second interments and the burial of ashes.


Salome Jardim

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