No street lights for residents in Wright Park.

Colin Lukhoff (68) says the newly erected street lights in Wright Parkdo not work and the darkness is dangerous for motorists.

He explains that the street poles were changed in October and that, since then, the lights have not worked.

“The road is in complete darkness when night falls, which is extremely dangerous for motorists and pedestrians,” he says, adding that he has spoken to many different people in an attempt to have the lights repaired, but that promises to fix them have not been fulfilled.

“The concrete from the old lights was just dropped in the park and now the park looks untidy,”adds Colin.

“I have reported the problem so many times, but nothing is happening.”

He would like the Ekurhuleni Metro to fix the lights soon, because of the dangers the darkness poses.

“An untidy job was done in erecting the lights, because they aren’t straight and the bricks are strewn everywhere,” he says.

The metro has yet to respond to the Advertiser’s queries regarding the street lights and when they will be repaired.

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