Prostitutes: ‘We’re scared, but life goes on’

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There is no evidence in Colliery Road in Lodeyko, or Zig Zag Road in the CBD, to mark the spot where two women were murdered earlier this month.

The first naked body of an unknown woman was found in Zig Zag Road on March 29 and three weeks later another woman’s naked body was found in Lodeyko.

The crime scene tape has been removed and nothing has been left in its place for anyone to remember.

Four prostitutes working in Ninth Street, say they are scared and the fear of violence or even death is already present in their daily lives, but they know they will never be completely safe.

“We are here to protect each other and when others are murdered, we realise that the risk we take in our line of work is high,” they say.

None of them confirmed whether they have been assaulted before, but they believe they still have to be careful.

When one of them is picked up by a client, the others will take down the vehicle’s registration number.

This way they feel they are looking out for each other.

They are always prepared for their jobs and only work during the day, due to the fact that they all have children to take care of at night.

The deceased found in Lodeyko was known to these women.

They say they were shocked when the news broke of the two murders.

The four of them doubt if their ‘profession’ is still safe, but they prefer to work on their own.

They say their job is to make money that will enable them to look after their children who are in school.

Anna Robertson

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