Danger still lurks on Tonk Meter Road

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“When coming from Springs Road onto Tonk Meter Road, there are no working street lights until you get to the robots going into Rietfontein landfill site,” says Ndala.

“I work long hours and since that is the shortest route home, I opt for that route but now I am scared to do so.”

Ndala says, as a result, she finds herself having to skip robots for fear of being hijacked.

“I know I am not supposed to do that but what choice do I have,” she asks.

“With recent reports about hijackings being on the rise, I fear what could befall me while waiting at the robots on this dark road.”

“As a woman driving alone at night, I cannot afford to put my safety at risk.”

Ndala says her fears also extend to the thought of other motorists either getting involved in fatal accidents or missing their off-ramp points.

“A motorist driving into Springs for the first time would miss their necessary turns,” she adds.

“Furthermore, this will mean that motorists would have to drive with their lights set on bright which can create commotion on the road that could result in an accident – maybe even a fatal one.”

Ndala says she thought the issue would be resolved but she has run out of hope.

“I thought this would be a problem the metro takes seriously but the metro is ignoring the issue,” she says.

“I fear I will be involved in the next car accident or become a hijacking victim if this problem persists.”

Questions have been sent to the metro for comment.

Seromo Mochatsi

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