Mamelodi Sundowns goalkeeper encourages the youth

Mamelodi Sundowns goalkeeper Kennedy Mweene addresses the youth at a Nelson Mandela Day event hosted at Morester Primary School on Saturday.

The Advertiser briefly spoke to him about his take on Nelson Mandela Day and his message to the youth.

“I think it is good to celebrate this important day,” says Kennedy.

“It is important to give back to the community and 67 minutes is not too much to ask.”

“So today I decided to share my 67 minutes with these young players and the community of Springs.”

Kennedy says a lot can be learnt from the legacy of the late Nelson Mandela.

“A lot of people know that Mandela was selfless and humble,” he says.

“That is exactly why the country and the world is where it is today – because of his legacy.”

The soccer star wants to encourage young people to dream but equally so to put in the work for their dreams to come true.

“Life, like football, has no shortcuts,” he says.

“Young people need to complete their education as that is the key to unlock many doors.”

Kennedy adds that young people need to learn that the keys to success are commitment, passion and sacrifice.

“Those are the qualities needed to make something of your life,” he says.

“Yes, we live a good life but that good life is earned through sacrifice and hard work.”

He does, however, say success is not only obtained by his efforts alone but through divine favour too.

“It is by the grace of God that we reach the heights that we are able to reach,” Kennedy says.

“That is what young people must always remember – it is purely grace.”

Seromo Mochatsi

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