Father Christmas on a bicycle

Stock image of Father Christmas getting ready to deliver Christmas gifts on a bicycle. Rudolph must have fallen ill.

Maybe nowadays his methods are more modern from when I was a child or even when my mother was a child.

I remember we had to be in bed by 12am, otherwise, so we were warned, Father Christmas just wouldn’t come.

That is besides the fact that we were reminded that if we were naughty or didn’t do well during the year it would determine the size of the gift or whether he would visit our house at all.

So in modern days I have noticed a big truck, made up in Christmas decorations has taken the role of Father Christmas.

But then there are so many homeless people that I wonder how Father Christmas delivered their presents almost 50 years ago?

However, I think he is just too busy to deliver presents around the world that he actually calls in the help of various charity organisations to assist him with handing out gifts to homeless people and other forgotten people.

Did you know that when we wrote our Christmas wish list down, we never even knew that when we ordered a bicycle, Father Christmas had to ride that bicycle all the way to our house.

True story!

But recently I saw a picture with a message from Father Christmas on Instagram.

Wow, time has most certainly changed since I was little.

Anna Robertson

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