Start your child’s new school year fresh

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It may be your child’s first day in Grade One or first day of high school, which are both big steps in their long school career.

The year can seem daunting to your child, especially if they didn’t perform to the best of their ability the previous year.

Here’s how you can help them:

Start by talking to your child, to find out what they’re struggling with – and help them to the best of your abilities.

If you feel it’s beyond your help, apply for extra classes for your child.

Make sure your child gets homework done – and help them prepare for tasks throughout the year.

This is not to be confused with completing their tasks for them, but merely giving them the platforms or tools necessary, for them to complete their tasks.

Have discussions with your child on a regular basis, to find out if they need help with anything else and how they are doing overall in school.

If you feel there’s a problem, attend parent-teacher meetings and discuss with your child’s teacher, what the problem is and find a solution to fix it.

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