Dal Fouche water crisis continues

Jacques Botha (46) says he cannot wait to drink water from the tap at his house again, as they are boiling their water at the moment.

Dal Fouche residents have been suffering from water problems since 2015.

They have been without water for up to two days during the week and sometimes over the weekend as well.

Jacques Botha (46) has been lodging complaints for years and yet there is no satisfactory solution to their water issues.

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He says he is not the only one reporting this to the metro and that several residents have received three different reference numbers in one month, but no one responds to their complaints.

“We accept the water restrictions, but being without water for longer periods than the required restriction times is unacceptable,” he says.

Botha feels the continuous water shortage in the area is becoming an endless nightmare.

His family claims they always boil their water before drinking it.

“This is becoming an aggravation and a health risk and we would like to know when the metro will come up with a solution,” he says.

He claims the water pressure is extremely low at times when they do have water.

Metro spokesman Themba Gadebe reported in February 2015 that they were using a timer in the interim to control the water levels, which they believed was the cause of the problem.

Shortly thereafter they installed level controls at the water tower.

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In February 2016 Gadebe reported that “the timer to fill up the tower was not filling up properly”.

He also said the pump house at the reservoir had been vandalised and that the installed level controls were damaged.

Some of the residents claim they get warm water from the cold-water taps as soon as the water returns.

According to a local plumber, the reason for this is that most geysers give back-pressure.

He also says the slow water stream is due to dirt in the water.

No comment was received from the metro at the time of publishing.

Anna Robertson

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