Metro serves statutory notice on owner of empty house

The empty house in Zig Zag Road previously used by Chance Children's Home is now occupied by vagrants.

The house had reportedly been empty for almost seven years.

According to Magda Reed from Chance, the property served as sponsored premises for Chance Children’s Home since the home’s inception in 1996.

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The founders of Chance, Trudy and Danny Howell, allegedly had an agreement with the owner of the property, which lapsed when the organisation bought a property in Dunnottar.

Reed says the children and personnel moved to the new property in 2010.

Metro spokesman Themba Gadebe says they are not sure when the vagrants occupied the vacant house.

Metro’s environmental health officials conducted an investigation of the property last Monday.

The house has no running water, but the people living in the house claim to be looking after it on behalf of the owner.

“The inhabitants don’t make use of the council refuse removal service and they leave garbage everywhere,” says Gadebe.

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All of these issues are a dangerous health hazard.

Gadebe also says the lawn is overgrown, which is causing a fire hazard.

A statutory notice will be served on the owner to address the health nuisance on the property.

“A follow up inspection will be conducted to ensure compliance with the notice served,” says Gadebe.

Anna Robertson

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