Tree could cause accidents

Chris Broodryk (52) is happy to see somebody is cutting the tree regularly. “The metro should really make a plan to remove the tree.”

“The stop sign in Sixth Avenue crossing Seventh Street, CBD will soon have no value if the metro doesn’t intervene soon,” he says.

The problem is a mulberry tree that is growing under a lamp post in Seventh Street and is easily two metres high.

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Broodryk says although the tree is not growing in front of a stop sign, it still poses a danger for motorists using the intersection – because it is blocking their line of sight.

Generally he believes accidents are caused by drivers’ mistakes.

“However, an obstructed view of the Seventh Street worsens the situation,” he says.

Although trees can block drains and damage buildings, he points out, this tree in particular could also be the cause of serious accidents in the near future.

Broodryk believes the tree probably originated from a seed, but he says the metro needs to remove it quickly before it grows any further.

“The tree’s growth was boosted by the recent rains and will shortly grow into a massive tree,” he says. He claims that a mulberry tree can easily reach the height of 10m.

Broodryk raised the question of just how much the metro is willing to spend on future sidewalk and curb damage.

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“This will determine if they are going to remove the tree or face extra maintenance and infrastructure costs if the tree roots damage the pavement and the tar road,” he says.

No comment had been received from the metro at the time of publishing.

Anna Robertson

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