Murphy is a menace

Well, Murphy and the ‘threes’ have come for a visit and do not seem to be in a rush to leave, adamant to cause as much destruction as possible.

The thing is though, unlucky number three hasn’t struck yet and it’s causing neck-twitching paranoia, raising questions like ‘when is it going to happen?’, ‘what is going to go wrong next?’ and ‘will it be bad and haunt my dreams and every waking minute?’.

This is not the first time the threes have stopped by and I know from experience that the third will strike within the next week or so.

My driving took a turn for the better, I suppose, as I fear the third may involve either a humongous pothole or some bump somewhere on the exterior of my vehicle or, worse case scenario, some sort of accident.

The pothole seems more viable though, knowing Springs and its many booby-traps in the road, hence the reason my often speeding and sometimes reckless driving were taken down a notch or five.

My paranoid driving would now make any 80-year-old proud.

I’m also starting to form the habit of handling any item, breakable or not, with extreme caution, as I imagine Murphy has a sick sense of humour and will find a way to break any given object, even plastic.

In past experiences, the damage done by Murphy and the threes was either emotional or it was physically exhausting.

This time, the ‘wonderful’ oddity chose to hit where it hurts most … monetary items that need replacing.

Thus, the reason I suspect something to happen to one of my valuable items or possessions soon enough.

Probably one of the worst things that could happen to someone in my profession, is a camera falling from a certain height to drop to the ground.

Well, since this weekend, I have suffered two mini heart attacks with close calls and managed to avoid my camera splitting into a thousand pieces in the nick of time.

As a result, the thing is now safely tucked away in its bag and I refuse to take it out until the threes and Murphy have left me in peace (which will be appreciated anytime soon).

Also, knowing about the ‘jinxing law’, I realise that talking about it or humouring myself as to what might or might not happen, would probably result in any of these, or possibly even all of the above, events taking place.

So, this is resulting in me also touching any wooden object in the vicinity at any given time and repeating the phrase, ‘touch wood’.

I’ve never been one for superstition or believing in these stupid laws but, as I explained, experience is the best teacher.

So, rubbish or not, I am willing to try any foolish notion that may keep Murphy at bay.

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