Pensioners’ veggies are a hit

Elliot Phahlane (left) and Peter Mpye show off some of the large vegetables they grow in their own garden to help with poverty alleviation.

The pair grows most types of vegetables next to their driveway or any other piece of soil they can spare.

“Our vegetables are all 100% organic as we only use natural substances to help our food grow,” says Peter.

And they grow anything, from pumpkin to beetroot, green beans and onions, to carrots, peppers, chillies, cauliflower, eggplant and fresh spices – the list is endless.

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“You name it, we grow it,” Peter says proudly.

He adds they are firm in their belief to recycle and re-use everything they can, re-purposing materials to put back into the ground to grow the new crop of vegetables.

“We do not waste and try to use, eat or sell as much of our produce as possible, but that which we do not use rots and is worked back into the fertiliser.”

Peter and Elliot not only grow and harvest their own produce, but also enjoy teaching those who are uneducated on the workings of crops and harvesting, the differences of vegetables and making your own fertiliser.

Not only do they have a large variety of vegetables, but the pair also grows fruit and raises free range chickens, ducks, geese and turkeys.

“An interesting fact about free range chickens is that if the bone is so hard that you can’t break it or bite through it, it is a very good free range chicken, but the opposite applies if the bone is soft and easy to bite,” says Peter.

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Elliot says: “We live off the food that we grow by eating it and selling it to sustain ourselves.

“We are both pensioners living off social grants and this is such a great way to save money as well as make a little money for yourself.”

Peter adds: “In these times, people are encouraged to grow their own vegetables and you really don’t need a big space to make this happen.”

For more information, contact Peter on 082 704 5672 or Elliot on 082 516 4658.

Izahn Krige

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