Tempers flare and chairs fly at SOCA

Members of the DA holding red cards indicating the speaker of council, Patricia Kumalo, must go.

The issue escalated to a fist fight and water bottles and chairs being thrown at the members the EMPD who were called to restore order by the Speaker of Council, Patricia Kumalo.

Three EFF members were injured and one DA member had to be rushed to hospital.

After the DA requested council to be adjourned for 20 minutes for their caucus they tabled a motion for the Speaker to be recused from council.

They held red cards in signalling it was time for Kumalo to leave the position, but the votes came back in favour for her.

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The mayor was forced to give his State of the City Address outside after hours of parties not being able to reach common ground.

The Speaker had to exercise due decorum in attending to a recurring matter brought through numerous points of order by the EFF.

“I ruled on the issue and had given the go ahead for the mayor’s address to be delivered but we experienced undue disruptions which left the meeting in a disorderly state.

“According to council’s standing orders, the Speaker has the responsibility to maintain order in meetings.

“The second insert stipulates the Speaker of council may, at any time during the meeting if she deems it necessary for maintaining order, direct a security officer to remove or cause the removals of any person,” she says.

Kumalo says she acted within her legal and procedural authority.

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The chief whip of the ANC, Clr Jongizizwe Dlabathi, says the Speaker exercised due decorum in attending to a recurring matter in the house.

“She ruled on the issue and gave the go ahead for the address to be delivered.

“This was an unfortunate incident and various measures were taken to ensure order was maintained,” he says.

Doreen Mokgolo

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