General Fuel Levy increased, fuel prices down

fuelling nozzle inserted into petrol tank at gas station for gasoline filling

According to the Automobile Association (AA), the Rand performed strongly against the US dollar, notwithstanding recent events.

“Even with the fuel tax hikes, petrol was expected to drop by around 24c a litre, diesel by 9c, and illuminating paraffin by 10c,” the AA states.

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The association states that any further political shocks would directly result in increased transport costs, as well as higher domestic costs for those who use paraffin for heating, cooking and lighting.

“Lower-income citizens are affected by fuel price hikes arising from Rand weakness.

“The government’s lack of sensitivity towards investor risk appetite is directly contributing to increased hardship for the poor.”

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On Saturday, an additional 30c was added to the General Fuel Levy, bringing it up to R3.15 a litre and an additional 9c was added to the Road Accident Fund Levy, bringing it up to R1.63 a litre.

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