‘It is a disgrace’

Mike Hart (69) says sending a tractor to cut the grass at the Hills Road, Selection Park bridge is not going to work.

He claims he has approached the metro several times to do something about the area.

“The only answer you get is empty promises,” he says.

According to him the last time the grass was cut in the area was about a year ago.

After reading about the metro’s grass cutting schedule in the Addie, Hart says they are far behind their schedule.

He explained that the metro recently sent out a tractor to cut the grass on the side of the Hills Road bridge.

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“How they thought of doing that is beyond my logic,” he says.

“We fear for our safety and believe the long grass across from our house is a safe haven where vagrants can hide,” says Hart.

He strongly believes their properties have been devalued due to the dumping of refuse in the area.

“I do not know why we pay rates when nothing gets done,” he says.

Hart believes the visitors making use of Hills Road on their way to the new Springs Mall are probably disgusted by the long grass and weeds on the side of the road.

The Hart family closes their doors and windows at 6pm, as they are plagued by mosquitoes, which they believe is a health risk.

He says the long grass is a breeding area for mosquitoes and snakes.

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“Someone from the metro should come out and inspect the area as I am sure they would not like to live in this area to which we have been subjected.

“It is a disgrace to expect people to live like this,” he says.

Having lived in the area for almost 42 years, he believes the metro has neglected their general service delivery duties.

Metro spokesman Themba Gadebe says they will investigate the complaint.

Anna Robertson

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