Metro needs to control illegal dumping

Theo Wolmerans (67) cannot understand why people dump their waste when the municipality offers waste removal services.

“Dumped refuse has been piling up for more than five months and has been reported to the metro several times by more than one person,“ says Theo Wolmerans.

Not only does he believe dumping refuse attracts rats and snakes, but is also an invitation for recyclers.

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Wolmerans says disposing of waste in an area that is not a dedicated waste facility needs to be addressed by the metro.

“Why would residents dump their refuse in open areas and empty stands if the metro offers refuse removal services is beyond my understanding.”

He doubts whether the metro is putting in much effort to try and curb illegal dumping.

“They put up notices at open areas, but what about our quiet street where not a lot of movement is visible?“ he says.

He suggests the metro make use of schools for public education purposes and familiarises residents and businesses about how improperly disposed materials can affect storm water.

Wolmerans claims he came across a rinkhals when he walked down Ridley Road to visit a shop a few weeks ago.

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“By correcting illegal dumping practices through education, the many risks to public safety and water quality can be prevented.

“Illegal dumping control is important in preventing contaminated runoff from storm water drains and rodents and snakes,“ says Wolmerans.

No comment was received from the metro at the time of going to print.

Anna Robertson

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