A message from President Jacob Zuma: ‘Let us all travel safely and arrive alive’

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“Once again, it is that time of the Easter season where many South Africans visit various places of worship for spiritual rejuvenation and upliftment, while others reunite with families or take a holiday,” he says.

“It is unfortunately also during this period that as a country, we experience high volumes of traffic movement as well as a heightened number of accidents as people travel to places of worship and other destinations.

“We would like to appeal to all road users to drive cautiously, take rest intervals when tired and to not drink and drive.

“Drivers must also obey the rules of the road and respect other users all the time.

“We wish to extend the same words of caution to pedestrians, to respect the rules of the road and cross the roads at acceptable points.

“Let us all travel safely and arrive alive.

“Let us also respect the law enforcement authorities, the police and traffic officers.

“Their responsibility is to keep you and others safe at all times.

“We must all cooperate with them and make this a peaceful and safe Easter weekend.

“We wish all worshippers a spiritually uplifting Easter and wish holiday makers and everyone in the country a peaceful, restful and joyful Easter weekend.”

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