Endless water nightmare in Dal Fouche

Resident Brenda du Plessis is asking for mercy from the metro towards the elderly and children.

She says the water stopped flowing last Friday at 8pm and only returned at 8pm on the Sunday.

“The continuous problem is an ongoing mystery, much to our discomfort and aggravation.

“It is always the pumps, but how many pumps have they replaced over the past six months?” she asks.

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Jacques Botha says they do experience a lack of water pressure at times, but being without water again for two days is definitely not a pleasant experience.

He refers to metro spokesman Themba Gadebe’s comment in March.

“They claimed the water problem is due to the failure of the Rietfontein booster pump, which pumps water to the Dal Fouche tower.

“However, we are tired of their excuses,” says Botha.

In February 2015 Gadebe reported that they were using a timer in the interim to control the water levels, which they believed was the cause of the problem.

Shortly thereafter they installed level controls at the water tower.

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In February 2016 he reported that the timer to fill up the tower was not operating properly.

Then it was the pump house at the reservoir which had been vandalised and the installed level controls were damaged.

Botha says this has been an ongoing battle.

Dal Fouche residents have experienced water problems since 2015.

Resident Ardene van Vuuren says the metro always claims the problem is that the pump needs replacing.

“How many times do we have to hear this story? I have heard it for the past seven years,” she says.

Metro spokesman Themba Gadebe reported in March 2017 that there have been a number of challenges pertaining to the Rietfontein pump station, which feeds to the tower in Dal Fouche.

He also blamed regular vandalism taking place, such as the telemetry system being destroyed, but their biggest challenge was the communications between the tower and the pumps.

“The situation is being monitored with assistance from Erwat,“ he says.

No comment was received from the metro at the time of publishing.

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