Rugby star in the making

Dwain Ujduir (17) is happy about being in New Zealand playing for the Old Boys Rugby Club.

Dwain always had a vision of playing professional rugby and, after being scouted by the Hurricanes in New Zealand, his dreams are finally coming true.

“It’s amazing how God puts you in the right place at the right time,” Dwain says.

“I was visiting family friends in New Zealand and we went to a rugby field to play around a little. Before I knew it I was approached by the team and they asked me to play for the u-20s,” he adds.

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He started playing ruby in primary school, with his father Stephan Ujduir (37) mentoring and motivating him to dream big.

“As parents we always want the best for our children and I’m proud to say that my son is on his way to achieving his goal,” Stephan says.

“Dwain is a passionate child, and once he makes his mind up about something he sticks to it until he achieves it,” he adds.

Dwain says he was over the moon when he received a phone call from the Hurricanes asking him to come and play for the u-20 squad.

“My dreams are finally coming true,” he says.

“What inspires me is making a better life for my sibling and parents, there is nothing that I want more in my life,” he adds.

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Although his parents are extremely happy about their son’s achievements his father says that he has to finish his matric in South Africa before he can move abroad.

Dwain says although he is in New Zealand playing for a really amazing team, he would love to be scouted by the Lions or the All Blacks.

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