SPCA helped us find the perfect dog

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At the beginning of the year my family and I decided it is time to get a new puppy.

Knowing the Springs SPCA’s need and the overabundance of unwanted animals without a home, we headed to the SPCA.

The friendliness in which we were greeted with made us stick with our choice.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t immediately choose one specific dog and had to wait until month end to make a decision.

This resulted in us having to return to the SPCA every week.

The helpfulness with which the staff treated our returning visits blew us away and made us feel like we could return any day we wanted to.

When our favourite choice ended up being adopted before we could lay claim to it, we returned with a sad heart to see other available dogs.

This is when one of the senior staff members took us directly to one specific dog and said she knows this one will fit us perfectly.

My spouse immediately fell in love with the dog and we took it home.

Never have we been happier with an animal and were it not for the staff member of the SPCA, we would not have had this amazing dog with the most incredible personality.

We are eternally grateful, Springs SPCA!

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