Elderly unable to enjoy a walk thanks to overgrown grass

Leona Biselli, a Springs resident, has expressed concern about the uncut grass that makes it difficult for the elderly to enjoy a walk into the CBD.

She says the long grass worries her because she and other elderly members of the community enjoy taking long walks from their old age home to the CBD as a form of exercise.

“We are old and it’s dangerous for us to walk on pathways covered by uncut grass.

“We could really get hurt as we are at a point where our bones are brittle, so we can’t afford to trip and fall,” she adds.

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She says she has reported this matter to the metro on several occasions however nothing has been done to rectify the situation.

Biselli says unkept grass leaves room for illegal dumping which makes the area, which is already unsafe, even harder to navigate.

“Illegal dumping is a serious issue and we should be working towards being a community that is environmentally friendly,” she says.

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“Overgrown grass also encourages rats and snakes,” she adds.

The Addie contacted the metro for comment on this matter but none was received at the time of publishing.

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