Metro urges residents to help curb illegal dumping

Eugene Reyneke (36) is impressed with the metro's response to curbing illegal dumping in Dyer Road, Strubenvale.

The metro has responded to an article on illegal dumping in Dyer Road, Strubenvale.

The metro is in the process of appointing workers to operate specialised equipment to ensure that illegal dumping sites are cleared on a regular basis.

“The Clean Ekurhuleni Project, which will commence in the new financial year, will assist [with] cleaning illegal dumping sites,” says Gadebe.

Waste Management Services, Roads and Stormwater, Metro Parks and Environmental Health departments are jointly responsible to ensure no bylaws are transgressed in open fields and spaces such as that in Dyer Road.

“However, residents are encouraged to report illegal dumping activities to the nearest EMPD office and take photos to be used as evidence in a court of law.

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“These cases will be dealt with at the municipal courts that have been specially established to deal with such matters,” adds Gadebe.

Although the metro states No Dumping boards are placed at identified areas where dumping occurs on a regular basis, Strubenvale resident Eugene Reyneke (36) says no boards are visible in Dyer Road.

Reyneke says the metro and EMPD should communicate with the community to make them aware of the bylaw on illegal dumping and what procedures to follow.

“Since the metro has stipulated what we need to do, we will definitely assist them in curbing illegal dumping,” says Reyneke.

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