Book review: Anyone or anything could be your friend

Book: The Animal’s Funny Funfair

Author: Lynn Bedford Hall

Reviewed by: Samantha Keogh

Review made possible by: Penguin Random House South Africa

This is the fourth book in the Mattie’s Magical Animal Dreamworld series written by Lynn Bedford Hall and illustrated by Jane Heinrichs.

Mattie lives on a farm and, being an only child living far from the city, has no friends.

One day she is out for a walk with her mom when she learns that she does have friends, she just hasn’t met them yet.

She is soon having great fun with the animals and insects she meets around the farm.

In this adventure her friends take her to a funfair where they eat doughnuts, bob for apples and discover the joys of the slide.

Aimed at children aged five to eight this is a delightful book about friendship and the fun you can have if you allow yourself to see beyond the expected, teaching children that they shouldn’t be limited by their perceptions or prejudices – anyone or anything can be a friend if you open your mind to the possibility.

Large print makes this a great starter book for children learning to read and might be better suited to a slightly younger audience than the target group.

Samantha Keogh

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