FERH prem babies wrapped in knitted blankets

Jacobé Botha, head of FERH social work department (right), is impressed with the knitwear she received from the residents of Esda Frail Care Centre residents.

Residents from Esda Frail Care Centre handed over knitted items to the Far East Rand Hospital (FERH) last Wednesday.

The project was initiated last year when Annamarie Allers asked interested residents to join the group.

Esda administrator Petro Burr-Dixon says the group rapidly grew to 15 women and about six men.

The men started French knitting or spool knitting (tolletjie brei) and sewed together the cords into blankets.

Burr-Dixon says Allers, the project coordinator, is proud of her knitting group.

More than 20 blankets and jerseys were manufactured by the group.

The project purpose is to donate the knitted items to children and premature babies in hospital who are in need

“We started the knitting group as part as part of frail care resident’s stimulation activities which will become an annual project,” says Burr-Dixon

Jacobé Botha, FERH head of the social work department, received the knitted items on behalf of the children and premature baby wards.

FERH communications manager Hendrik Buda says Esda is a great resource to the social work department at the hospital.

Hospital social workers assist families with the placement of their elders in frail care unit at Esda.

Buda says the social work department stays in contact with the home after

placement of senior citizens to guide the patient through the adjustment period and has built a good relationship with the personnel at the frail care centre, through their interaction.

This year the department received winter knitted jerseys and blankets for the needy children who they deal with on a daily basis.

“The core function of the hospital’s social workers is to identify the need and make sure the donations go to worthy candidates.

“We really treasure our special relationship and appreciate the good work they do at the home for the aged. All our wool supplies are used up and we are in need of wool.

Donations will be appreciated.”

Botha and her team received the woolie goods and enjoyed a fabulous tea and cake event.

“Thumbs up for the hard work of all the “knitting group” residents at Esda Frail Care Centre” she says.

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