Metro monitors hyacinth at Dersley Dam

Tommy Dean is the dredge machine operator who is currently removing the hyacinth from the Dersley Dam.

In response to a query about how long the hyacinth removal process will take to clear Dersley Dam, the metro commented as follows:

Metro spokesman, Themba Gadebe, says the contractor started work on May 15 to remove the hyacinth from the dam.

The contractor will remove the hyacinth for the next six weeks, placing it on the shore line and the municipality will be responsible for the transporting of the hyacinth once it has dried.

“There is currently no method to prevent further growth of the bulbs.

“However, successful hyacinth programmes include the use of both physical removal as well as herbicide application,” he says.

The municipality will continue to monitor and undertake work at the dam until there is manageable hyacinth cover.

Gadebe says the time span will depend on progress being made in the removal of the hyacinth from the dam.

“We don’t use any pesticides to manage hyacinth, but occasional herbicide will be used as soon as the hyacinth cover has been reduced drastically,” says Gadebe.

Anna Robertson

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