Residents dumping refuse in open fields

Clive Billowes from Grootvlei says the people have no respect for nature.

Clive Billowes is up in arms against residents who are dumping their refuse between Grootvlei and Strubenvale.

He has been watching people throwing refuse out of their vehicles or dumping it from trailers and bakkies at night and over weekends for quite some time.

“Why they actually dump their refuse when there is refuse removal is beyond me,” he says.

He says he has evidence of people dumping there.

“I recently escorted a man to a landfill site to show him where it is after I found him dumping his refuse in the open field,” says Billowes.

He claims the man explained the only reason he wanted to dump his refuse there was because he allegedly didn’t know where the landfill sites are.

“The metro cleaned the area in January and again in March but now it looks like a dumping site again,” says Billowes.

Another concern to Billowes is there are no boards warning against illegal dumping.

He says he will take the evidence to the EMPD offices in First Avenue, CBD to file a complaint.

He says he recently forced someone to load the refuse back on their bakkie and go and dump it at a landfill site.

“They were not happy about the idea, but this is not a dumping ground,“ says Billowes.

Metro spokesman Themba Gadebe says residents know it is illegal to dump their refuse in any open field.

He confirmed the metro cleaned the area in January and in March.

He said cleaning the area will be put on the metro’s illegal dumping cleaning programme.

“We will not place any illegal dumping signs on either sides of the roads,” says Gadebe.

Anna Robertson

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