Lack of business refuse removal claims

Local business owner David Green is not happy with the refuse removal services of the metro.

David Green, who owns a local business, has expressed his outrage over what he calls the metro’s non-existing refuse removal services.

He moved his business from Nuffield to Pienaar Road, Selection Park about five years ago because he needed bigger premises.

“The metro deducts refuse removal costs from my account every month but I have no proof of services rendered,” says Green.

He feels the metro is not doing much to accommodate businesses which generate an income and uplift Springs.

“No proper service delivery if you ask me,” he says.

Green says he purchased his own waste bins and has paid a contractor to remove the refuse for the past five years.

Metro spokesperson Themba Gadebe says in order for the metro to establish a proper investigation of the allegations, they need more information from Green.

Green has to enter into a contract with the metro, but will only pay for the services rendered.

“Industrial refuse can be removed by a private contractor if the owner informed the municipality as such.

“A bulk container service is also available from the metro’s waste management services at a cost per removal,” he says.

The bulk containers are serviced at the request of the business owner on a monthly basis and billing will be for the number of services rendered in the specific month.

To enable Green to obtain bulk containers from the Springs waste management services he needs to contact 011 999 8497.

“When the owner signs the relevant contract, the bin will be delivered to the relevant premises and serviced on the request of the owner,” says Gadebe.

The business owner needs to visit the metro offices to inquire about his account or contact 011 999 8497.

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