WATCH: The diary of a volunteer firefighter

DEAN Myburgh, marketing manager at The Glen Shopping Centre, has flown to Cape Town to assist with the raging fires which have left Knysna and many other areas completely destroyed. Dean, a qualified paramedic, left with a team on Saturday, June 10.


His wife, Saretha, posted on Facebook, “My dearest husband, as you go off to assist with the Knysna fires, please be safe at all times. We love you so very much. God bless.”

RESPECT: Flowers left in respect of the young firefighter who died trying to save others.

Monday, June 12

After fighting fires in Knysna, he said this morning: “The community support here is unbelievable, so much support and kindness to those in need and for the firefighters. We are now on our way to Plettenberg where assistance is needed as plantations are burning.

SORROW: A man stands crying, looking at what was once his home.

“I just can’t even begin to tell or explain what it looks like here. Thule looks like a war zone, houses almost flattened, my heart goes out to the families who have lost everything and then there are the helpless confused poor animals.

CHECKING FOR FLARE-UPS: Dean and a team member look to see if flare-ups are possible.

“If you want to see a community that comes together this is it! Our country can learn from this community. I must run now, we are being deployed, chat later.”

SORTING AND DISTRIBUTION: Volunteers assist with the sorting and distribution of clothing and goods from Plettenberg Bay.

*We’ll be in constant contact with Dean, who will keep us updated when he is able to chat.

FAREWELL: Dean says goodbye to his family as they tell him to take care and be safe.

PASSIONATE: Dean’s passion is people and their safety.

FLAMES: Between Kynsna and Plettenberg Bay, fires rage.

Monday 12:00
“More fires and a large plantation now caught alight. Some horses down at the bottom, which we’ll have to try and move in the opposite direction. This is going to be a big one to stop.”

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