Two women’s plans for Vita Nova

Vita Nova Centre resident Wilmone Theunnissen (9) with Chantel Blignaut Mrs South Africa finalist, Sibahle Macwili (16) and Carike Pretorius from Under His Covering. Chantel and Carike visited the centre on Thursday.

Vita Nova Centre residents received a visit from Chantel Blignaut, a Mrs South Africa finalist, on Thursday.

Chantel was accompanied by Carike Pretorius from Under His Covering, who has become a regular visitor at the centre.

“It wasn’t a social visit, as we have quite a few plans up our sleeves for the centre,” says Carike.

They are planning a fun walk or run for July 15.

“It will be part of Nelson Mandela Day on July 18,” she says.

Carike says they want the residents and staff at the centre to be involved in a 2km walk on the day.

To make this event more interesting, the duo is planning to get families and running clubs involved in a fun run.

The planned walk and fun run will take place in Daggafontein Extension Two.

Food and entertainment will be provided for the residents and food will also be on sale.

“The entry fee for the walk and fun run will be a minimal amount,” says Carike.

She says they are planning this event in aid of the residents with HIV/Aids, autism, cerebral palsy, and those who are deaf and blind.

The Mrs South Africa finalist will be the face of the event.

She is planning on getting businesses involved too.

“We need them not only as runners, but also to have their banners put up, maybe at water points for the athletes taking part in the fun run,” says Pretorius.

Centre director Michelle Immelman says Carike and Chantel’s visit was an honour for the centre.

She says they are always eager to help anyone who is willing to assist the centre in raising funds.

“Their plan sounds wonderful and we will assist them in making this day a success,” says Michelle.

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