Zig Zag property becomes a health issue

Christa Grobbelaar says the no dumping board doesn't mean anything to illegal dumpers.

Springs residents living near the property claim they have recently been suffering because of the bad odour of the waste being dumped there.

Christa Grobbelaar says the site is allegedly used for stripping and burning cables as well.

“My family all suffers from asthma and when refuse or cables are being burned, it triggers asthma attacks,” she says.

She says the property has large heaps of what looks like coal and is overgrown.

“It is used as a dumping ground and by recyclers who just leave their loot there once finished sorting the materials,” says Grobbelaar.

Another concern Grobbelaar has is the prostitution in the area.

“I don’t think I am the only resident who is not happy with sex workers parading the streets and flashing their potential customers in view of our children,” she says.

She says the water drains are currently being used as dustbins.

On Thursday, a dumped couch was set alight and Grobbelaar claims she noticed a few people standing around the burning couch.

She also claims she has sent an email to the property owner to complain about the illegal dumping.

The owner responded by saying he is aware of the problem on his property but they are not “law enforcers”.

In response to her mail she was told the illegal dumping is not on his property.

“He said they have already put illegal dumping notice boards up and cannot permanently patrol the property,” says Grobbelaar.

According to metro spokesperson Themba Gadebe, an official from the metro’s environmental health division visited the site last Thursday.

“It was discovered the premises are indeed used as an illegal dumping site,” he says.

Metro will serve a statutory notice to the owner to address the health nuisances.

“A follow-up inspection will be conducted to ensure compliance with the notice served,” says Gadebe.

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