Leaking water meter is resident’s nightmare

Rodd Windell says the soil around the water meter is constantly wet and there is water at the bottom of the meter. “The metro needs to fix the leak which keeps the meter running,” he says.

Edelweiss resident Todd Windell was surprised to see his water usage double over the past few months.

When he recently reported the problem to the metro, he was told the problem is probably a leaking water pipe at his premises in Gemsbok Street.

“I was told to get a private plumber in to check if there was a leak on my property,” says Windell.

Before he could call a plumber, he went outside to check his meter reading once more.

He says when he took away the leaves from around the water meter, he noticed the soil was wet.

He then opened the meter lid and saw water at the bottom of the meter.

Two weeks ago Windell reported the leaking water meter and was given a reference number.

“On Wednesday, I saw metro workers installing two water meters at the two houses next to me.

“I informed them of the leaking meter, which I believe is the reason for the increase in my water consumption, and they promised to report the matter,” says Windell.

This pensioner says he cannot understand why the metro didn’t investigate the meter in the first place.

He would like to know, once the metro has fixed the meter, if they will credit him for the increase in his water account since January.

“My water consumption was never more than 17 kilolitres; suddenly it went up to 32 kl and last month the amount almost doubled to 51kl,” he says.

He claims the extra amount added to his account is a lot of money for a pensioner to pay out.

“It would be wonderful if the metro could come out and repair the leak.

“Even though the water is only seeping through, it is still an unnecessary waste of water,” says Windell.

Despite sending questions to the metro on Wednesday, no comment was received at the time of publishing.

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