Still no outcome in Markville elevator saga

Markville housing complex residents Edward Graves (77, left), Joey Vorster (65), her husband At (75) and Gys van Schalkwyk (70) in front of the elevator which as been out of order for 16 months. “We beg the metro to fix the elevator as soon as possible,” says Gys.

The elevator broke at the beginning of February 2016.

After numerous calls and visits from Joey Vorster to the metro housing department, nothing happened.

Vorster is the current caretaker at the complex.

“I live on the fifth floor and although my husband At and I are still fit to climb stairs, there are people who are not physically able to do so,” she says.

She says the case has been lingering for far too long.

In December the metro’s Department of Human Settlements apologised to the tenants for the inconvenience experienced due to the lift being out of order.

Metro spokesperson Themba Gadebe commented they are doing all they can within the prescripts of the law to have the lifts repaired.

The Bid Awarding Committee (BAC) did not approve the reports submitted by the department on November 21 to have the elevator manufacturers do repairs – based on their cost.

The BAC was of the view the repair costs were equivalent to the installation of a new elevator; hence they have recommended that an open tender be advertised to which all interested parties can respond.

In December the metro requested quotations to make the lifts functional until the new tender was adjudicated and approved for the replacement of the lifts.

The bid specifications were supposed to be ready for the Bid Specification Committee on May 15.

“However,” Gadebe says, “the specifications were not ready.”

“We intend on going to the Bid Specification Committee this week for the lifts tender,” says Gadebe.

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