Animals aren’t immune to cold

The jacket is better than being chucked out in the cold, but he still doesn't like it.

Cheeky little bugger he is, but the centre and recipient of all my adoration and affection.

It’s the first winter of his life and the poor thing was shaking his limbs out of their sockets when the first really cold morning struck.

And, I couldn’t get him to go outside when leaving for work.

Needless to say, he’s very agile and quick and simply refused to brave the cold for the entire day while I was at work.

I eventually caught the champion athlete in evasion and chucked him outside so I could leave, after making him as comfortable as possible.

But, I felt really sorry for him when I saw his little body shaking, even with two blankets in a cosy kennel.

So, the first priority was to get him a snug doggy jacket, which we did, thinking he would enjoy the extra warmth.

He hates it.

First of all, it’s a mission getting it onto him and, secondly, when it’s eventually on and secured, he just stands there, refusing to move and looking at me with eyes that say, “Traitorous human”.

Diesel is not impressed with his cool winter jacket … not at all.

Obviously, the extra heat doesn’t compare to whatever inconvenience the material causes him.

I still chucked him outside.

Which, I’m guessing, he was not thankful for because I came home to a ruined garden that day.

The jacket was still on, though – a small victory for me when compared to the destruction of my much loved fairy garden.

This situation brought forth a conversation, I’d long forgotten, with an old man who told me that animals do not feel temperature and cannot get cold or hot.

This, of course, led to a rather heated argument from my side as he told me he had lived for far longer than I had and that I didn’t know what I’m talking about.

This put him on my most despised list of people, for life.

How can you be so ignorant and uncaring toward animals?

Of course they feel the freaking cold and heat!

If their shivering bodies in winter aren’t enough to give you a clue, their lolling tongues in the heat should.

They need warmth during the cold just as much as we do.

To all pet owners, please keep this in mind during these cold months and take proper care of your animal.

Even snakes seek heat during the day.

If your dog dislikes extra padding around its body, much like this adorable monster over here, you need to put some other measures in place.

If possible, keep them indoors and away from the elements but still able to go outside to do their doggy business.

Make sure you have proper outdoor housing for your pet where it can stay relatively warm during the day.

Provide a little bit more food as dogs use up more energy during winter to stay warm, especially if they spend a lot of time outside.

If you can pamper your pet, place a hot water bottle underneath its bedding or something similar that can maintain heat.

Give it an extra blanket or two if you can.

Regularly play with your dog as it may keep the cold at bay for a little while and is also a great way of spending time with your pet.

If your pet warms your heart, why not warm it in return?

They’re not just animals, they’re family.

Pampered as my little mongrel is, I’ve now devised a way of opening a low window which he can jump through when he needs to be outside while being in the house for the rest of the day.

I became tired of chasing him around in the morning and heartlessly chucking him out.

He is quite fond of this new development.

Izahn Krige

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