WATCH: Save The Paramedics – Joining forces to protect SA’s first responders

Joining forces to protect SA’s first responders was aim behind the creating the Save The Paramedics video.

The video launch also marks the start of the campaign nationally.

Crimes against paramedics and emergency services is a growing concern.

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Especially for local motorcycle club, Firefighters Joburg.

While the crimes differ, the severity of these crimes does not.

Paramedics are robbed and even raped while trying to save lives.

Hydraulic rescue equipment such as Jaws of Life are stolen from fire stations.

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These tools are used in cash-in-transit heists.

Jan Liebenburg, president of the motorcycle club, said he’s concerned that if nothing is done about first responders’ safety, fewer emergency services personnel will arrive at scenes.

To create awareness about these crimes, director Donald Zastron joined forces with Firefighters Joburg to create this video.

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Setting up the right shot for the commercial was not a quick process. Director Donald Zastron took his time to ensure that the scene was set up correctly and portrayed the correct message.

Setting up the scene for the awareness commercial.

Members of the Firefighters Joburg Motorcycle Club looking on in anticipation while the production of the commercial was under way.

Club members holding a black sheet over producer Donald Zastron while he sets up the scene.

Producer and director of the commercial Donald Zastron taking cover from the sunlight under a black sheet. The material protected the camera lense from unwanted sunlight.

Charmaine Slater

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