Sewage spill could harm children resident says

Johannes Kekana is not happy with the sewage spill in front of his house in Hollywood informal settlement which, he says, is a danger to children who play in this area.

Hollywood informal settlement resident Johannes Kekana is concerned about children being exposed to disease due to a sewage spill caused by the negligence of the team which empties the toilet bins.

Kekana says he has been living there for 17 years and it has only happened twice that the contractors spill sewage when they empty the bins.

“The removal truck arrives early in the morning, at about 4am.

“But they don’t check if the pipe the crew use to empty the toilet bins, are empty,” he says.

His house is on the corner where the truck turns towards the exit of the informal settlement.

This is where he claims the spill always takes place and where children often play.

Kekana says it is an unhealthy situation and the children might be exposed to diseases.

The residents committee apparently asked him to cover the spillage with sand.

“I don’t mind doing that, but children are playing in the sand, so what is the purpose of covering the spillage?” he says.

“If I keep covering it with sand I will also end up with a heap of sand outside my house.”

A solution to this problem must be found, he says, and it is a simple request for the metro to be more careful.

Metro spokesperson Themba Gadebe says they will conduct an investigation into the alleged sewage spillage.

If it’s discovered one of the two municipal contractors working at the site is at fault, the matter will be taken up and they will be requested to carry out the work in an acceptable and professional manner.

“An update will be communicated once the investigation reveals which of the two contractors is responsible,” says Gadebe.

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