Book review: George’s Marvellous Medicine

Author: Roald Dahl

Reviewed by: Samantha Keogh

Review made possible by: Penguin Random House, South Africa

In fact what starts out as payback for George’s dastardly grandmother, might just be the answer to making his father’s farm a huge success.

It all starts with a mean old women and an inventive eight old-year-old who sets out to teacher her a lesson.

With the idea of turning grandmother into a more pleasant granny, George grabs the biggest pot he can carry and starts wandering around the house, and the farm’s out buildings, looking for the perfect ingredients for grandma’s new medicine.

George gets a kick out of throwing in everything he can find, including shampoo, shoe polish and a host of animal medicines to create a tonic with surprising results.

After setting her insides on fire, George’s gran begins to grow, and grow, straight through the second floor of the house, popping up through the roof.

But what does Killy hope to achieve by giving it to the animals?

Everyone has had at least one nemesis in his or her life – someone. they’d like to take some revenge on.

This makes George’s Marvellous Medicine a delightful read for everyone, young and old.

Just think of all the fun to be had if you could walk in George’s shoes.

You could combine a host of weird and wonderful household ingredients to concoct the perfect antidote to knock some civility into your worst enemy.

This delightful book, from the pen of Roald Dahl, is a book every child should have in his or her collection.

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