Girls get schooled during holidays

NGOs collaborated to host an informative holiday programme for high school learners last Thursday at KwaThema Skills Centre.

Boys and girls from all over KwaThema braved the cold weather to attend a series of workshops organised by the metro to help them make their way into adulthood.

The two groups attended separate workshops that addressed the different challenges they face as young men and women.

“Indoni Yamanzi was roped in to equip young girls to cope in society,” explains Zoe Zungu, the organisation’s founder.

Indoni is a female empowerment organisation that aims to equip young girls to be the best versions of themselves while they contribute to the community.

She says changes in society are leaving girls uncertain of their position in the community.

“We want them to be assured and confident as they reach womanhood.

“They are the next generation of leaders.

“We need them to support each other as they move forward.”

The workshops, facilitated by different speakers, addressed the issues of self-awareness, life purpose, health, fitness and hygiene.

“We intentionally chose young speakers to motivate the learners.

“The speakers acted as beacons of hope because they are familiar faces.”

Ayanda Hlubi, an educator and media personality, says self-talk is important.

“What we say to ourselves about ourselves carries the most weight.

“As as a man thinks in his heart, so it becomes.”

She encourages the girls to challenge the origins of the opinions they have of themselves.

“By accepting all we are, we can be free.

“Freedom is power.”

Nompucuko Mangcaka, a beauty queen and fitness fanatic, advises young women to take good care of their bodies.

“Fitness makes you confident.

“When your body feels good, the way you walk into a room grabs everyone’s attention.”

She says the benefits of exercise are endless.

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