Let’s talk about regrets

You may regret not studying that extra hour for that big economics test or eating that second helping of pudding.

Then you may have bigger regrets such as not spending more time with a loved one who is no longer with us or not fighting hard enough for that one thing you wanted most in the world.

Either way, we all have our bad decision moments we regret.

I was recently reminded of one of my most embarrassing regrets by an overacting brain which has no business delving that deep into buried memories.

You know when you are peacefully drifting off in bed on a Sunday evening and in that moment right before you quietly slip into blissful sleep, your brain decides to replay the stupid events and your eyes snap wide open.

You remember every embarrassing second of that moment on that specific day, so many years ago and now you lay wide awake, thinking of how miserable you were.

And then you can’t sleep and there goes your tranquil evening, blown to smithereens.

It involved a bad case of the flu, a really cute guy and bad timing.

Many moons ago, I developed a deep crush on an incredibly handsome lad whom I’ve always admired from afar, thinking he’s too good for me to even look at.

Imagine my elation when we bumped into each other at a gaming place one Friday evening and he greeted me with what I like to think was enthusiasm.

He really wasn’t… I suppose he was just sorry for spilling my soda.

Anyway, he offered to buy me a new one and I happily agreed, joining him in line with some of his friends as we waited to order.

I need to mention at this point that I was teeming with a bad case of influenza, but wouldn’t miss a night out with friends at that stage.

So, as we were making light conversation and he started warming up to me and laughing at my stupid jokes, I thought that I couldn’t get any luckier.

Until he invited me to sit with them at a table.

I happily sat down and heard the end tail of a joke one of his friends was telling and snorted with laughter.

Needless to say, it was just snot and phlegm that went flying… right in the cute guy’s face.

Yes, not one of my finer moments, but I’ve moved on. Eventually.

I just stared in dumbfounded shock when he screamed in disgust and shouted profanities I’d rather not mention.

His friends and the whole eatery burst out laughing.

He never spoke to me again after this particular gruesome incident.

My biggest regret at that point in time was not giggling behind my hand like any normal teenager and not blowing my nose before I joined them.

Long story short, I, later on, learned he was a complete jerk to a number of innocent girls.

So I regretted not getting more slime on him.

Regrets change as we grow older and learn more of life’s harsh lessons.

When we were young, we regretted not having that one special Barbie or the newest toy car on the market.

We reach high school age and regret not talking to that cute guy or girl.

As we mature and reach adulthood, we regret not taking a few risks or ‘putting yourself out there’ when it’s too late.

Regret is a funny thing, maybe some of those things may have changed where you ended up or the person who you are now.

And not always for the better.

The ‘What if’ question is one which may likely haunt you for the rest of your life, but it’s also a way of missing what’s in front of you.

You may have settled for what many call as second best, but honestly, that is a miserable way to live.

There might be a perfectly good reason for you not getting that one job you wanted or not getting the girl.

Regrets are lessons in disguise.

If you regret not doing something or missing an opportunity, you know what to do the next time it comes around

Don’t be a fool and regret the same thing, twice!

That’s just stupid.

Learn from your first mistake and don’t make it again.

Double-regret is torment born in the fiery depths of hell…

Or just really lousy.

When in doubt, sneeze on someone and from their reaction, you’ll find out if they’re worth having in your life.

Kidding. Please don’t spread germs, it’s unhealthy.

Try an alternative.

Izahn Krige

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