Power cuts – metro says ‘it’s your problem, Springs’

Last week saw numerous areas in Springs affected by power outages such as Springs CBD, Casseldale, Edelweiss and Bakerton, to name a few.

Residents contacted the Springs Advertiser, complaining they receive no warning from the Ekurhuleni metro when the power goes out and asking who will be held responsible for any loss or damages suffered due to the power outages.

Themba Gadebe, spokesperson for the metro, says the power outage affecting residents in Springs was due to a fault on two cables at the Bakerton substation. “Additional spares and material will be obtained to carry out complete replacement work,” he says.

He assures residents there is no load shedding taking place, but that unplanned power supply interruptions are, at times, happening due to cable faults.

“Residents are informed of planned interruptions when there is scheduled equipment maintenance work to be carried out.

“However residents cannot be informed in advance during an unplanned power supply,” says Gadebe in response to a question about why residents aren’t notified and assured of the progress, if any, when an outage takes place.

He further adds that any loss of food products in the fridge or damaged appliances should be claimed from the residents’ personal insurance companies.

Izahn Krige

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