Locals take pride in strongman competition

Current SA Strongman Champion Johan Rudd (27) pulled this 10-ton truck for 1.5m at an incline. “The incline makes it more difficult to pull the truck,” he says.

A strongman competition was held in the parking area at Springs Mall on Saturday.

It was an open competition, with athletes from all over Gauteng and Mpumalanga competing.

“In association with the South African Strongman Union and a local gym we had fun organising this event,” says Amoret D’Arrigo Springs Mall Marketing Manager.

She says it was wonderful to see all the professionals participating in the event.

Hoërskool Hugenote learner Carla Roodman took first place in the women’s open amateur division u-75kg category.

Xolani Knutha (28) pulling a 10-ton truck at the strongman event on Saturday. He is from Witbank and says it is the second time he has participated in a strongman event.

Gym manager Ben Manyeza says Roodman showed strength in the deadlift bar with 40kg weights.

She competed in the women’s medley, which included 100kg tyre flips, where she had to flip the tyre six times.

“Carrying 20kg weights in each hand for 10m one way was phenomenal,” says Manyeza.

Manyeza says Springs bodybuilder Willie White helped organise the event.

Jaco Potgieter, from Springs, was the runner-up in the men’s amateur division.

He competed in the u-90kg medley.

Manyeza says he entered three times to improve his time in the deadlift, 120kg tyre flip and 50kg suitcase weights.

“He was four seconds behind the category winner,” says Manyeza.

Springs resident Rosa Clifford (42) enjoying her first amateur strongwoman event held in the parking area at the Springs Mall on Saturday. She comfortably flipped the large tyre as part of an endurance exercise to test participants’ strength.

One of the guests at the competition was the u-105kg SA Strongman champion, Johan Rudd.

He pulled a 10-ton truck for 1.5m at a slight incline.

Only professionals were allowed to compete in this division.

“Due to the success of the day, we are planning to make this an annual event,” says Manyeza.

Anna Robertson

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