Cattle without herder endanger motorists lives

Cattle grazing at the entrance of Pollak Park Golf Course. They moved towards Tonk Meter Way.

Cattle have become a familiar sight for quite some time along Tonk Meter Way.

They have caused great concern to Pollak Park residents and to motorists using this road on a regular basis.

Stefné Pretorius, who lives in Pollak Park, says she has recently witnessed motorists swerving to avoid accidents or injuring the cattle.

She states it is almost impossible for road users to avoid these animals who wander around with a herder.

“Motorists need to take special care when they notice these animals and get into the habit of scanning the roadside as they drive.

“If motorists see one animal they can expect there are others nearby.

“By slowing down a little it will give motorists and the animals more time to react,” she says.

Another concern Pretorius have is the fact that the animals don’t have a herder.

“A herder will be able to control the movement of these animals by having warning flags,” she says.

Without a herder, the community has no idea who these animals belong to or who to contact to find out.

Pretorius feels it is in the interest of the community that the metro police should intervene.

“It is easier for the EMPD to take control than for anyone to deal with costly expenses, injuries and a guilty conscience of hurting an animal,” she says.

No comment was received from the EMPD at the time of publishing.

Anna Robertson

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