What happens if the president survives another vote of no confidence?

Emma Maedi: “We’re going to go down if he survives again. He has to be voted out eventually.”

Paulos Kholu: 

“If he survives another one? It is going to be a mess! He is not a fair man and he doesn’t do his job.”

Roxanne Grobler:

“If Zuma survives another vote of no confidence, the country is going to be in an even worse condition than it is now.”

James Mmoa:

“His time will come and then he must go eventually.”

Christina Dippenaar:

“Die land gaan verder agteruit gaan. Mense wil hom nie meer in bewind hê nie en gaan saamstaan om hom uit te kry.”

Innocent Mayoyo:

“There is not going to be any violence. People are just going to continue with their lives until the next election.”

Andries Dippenaar:

“Dinge gaan presies dieselfde aanhou en munisipaliteite gaan steeds slegte diens lewer. Hy doen nie sy werk nie.”

Karien Myburgh:

“Our country is going to the gutters and we must do something about it. If he survives again, other measures need to be taken.”

Beverly Erasmus:

“I’d rather see a woman as president of this country, but if Zuma survives another vote of no confidence, I don’t know what is going to happen.”

Anria Ferreira:

“Ons land gaan erger as Zimbabwe raak op ‘n stadium. Iets moet gedoen word om ons land te red.”

Izahn Krige

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