MPs voting secretly – will it help?

Solly Nkabinde:

“The secret ballot should not make a difference because the ANC will stick together. They want Zuma to stay on as president.”

Peter ‘The Rock’ Mtubatsi:

“Many MPs will vote against him. But those who benefit from the relationship they have with him will want to keep him on as president.”

George Mothibeli:

“The secret ballot is good because everyone will vote freely. The result will tell us if people were scared to speak out or not. But we can’t assume that they are unhappy.”

Ali Dayele:

“I think some will vote against him in secret because he has not been good for the country or the party. So many things have gone wrong while he is president.”

Zandile Sibiya:

“All the MPs, ANC or not, will have the freedom to vote without the fear of intimidation, which is a good thing. The results will also be more credible. So yes, they will be encouraged.”

Maria Tsotetsi:

“There are many within the party who do not want him there anymore, as much as others like him. The secret ballot will encourage all of them to express their true feelings.”

Lucky Ngobe:

“Zuma must fall. Yes I hope this secret ballot gives many the confidence to vote that he must go. The country is going down because of him.”

Gugulethu Mbuli:

“People are hesitant to speak the truth in the open but secretly they express their true feelings. So yes, some MPs will vote against him, even though they have been quiet all this time.”

Nobantu Dladla:

“Yes this will be encouraged and there is nothing wrong with that because it is within their democratic rights to vote without hindrance.”

Xoliswa Kali

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