DVD review: Split

DVD: Split

Reviewed by: Gareth Drawbridge

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“Mental illness leaves a huge legacy, not just for the person suffering it but for those around them.”

This quote is attributed to English actress and model Lysette Anthony, but it accurately describes the effect the actions of one man (or several) will have on the lives of his psychiatrist and three young women in the psychological horror/thriller Split.

Kevin Wendell Crumb (played brilliantly by James McAvoy) is a man struggling with Dissociative Identity Disorder and the scars of an abusive childhood.

To date, he has 23 personalities but his psychiatrist, Dr Karen Fletcher fears a monstrous 24th personality is about to emerge and dominate the others.

Despite all Karen’s efforts to reach him, Kevin’s mind splinters even further when one of his personalities, Dennis, abducts three teenagers, Casey who is battling her own demons, Claire and Marcia.

Held captive in an unknown location, the three friends soon come face-to-face with Kevin’s other personalities, including Patricia and nine-year-old Hedwig.

Desperate to escape, Casey decides to confront Kevin’s various personalities in an attempt to see who will be able to help them before the beast (Kevin’s emerging 24th personality) finally takes control.

Directed by M Night Shyamalan, Split is a thrilling film which delves into the dark and twisted recesses of one man’s fractured mind.

Since its release, the film has generated a small amount of controversy, however, it still remains one of M Night Shyamalan’s best films to date.

Split is now available on DVD and definitely worth watching.

Gareth Drawbridge
Digital content producer

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