Metro due to start construction of elevator end of November

The hole where the new Markville housing complex lift will be installed.

The residents of Markville flats were excited to hear construction of the new elevator might start in the third week of August.

However, the construction might only start at the end of November.

“This will only take place if the metro stick to their promises,” says Joey Vorster (65) a resident.

She claims they all suffer without an elevator and have to climb stairs.

The complex has been without an elevator since February 2016.

On June 21, the Bid Specification Committee (BSC) item requisition was sent to the metro’s finance department, to obtain an item number.

According to metro spokesperson, Themba Gadebe the number was needed for a presentation to the BSC for unitlisation of the Enterprise Management Office (EPMO) contractors to install the elevator.

The lift item was due to be presented to the BSC on September 7 for consideration.

Gadebe says the BSC item was served on Friday.

“Once approved, the Enterprise Programme management Office will be contacted to request for proposals from their contractors panel,” he says.

This process will take 14 days.

“We anticipate to start construction work at the end of November,” says Gadebe.

Anna Robertson

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