JUST IN: Police warn of increased smash-and-grabs in Springs – important tips (Video)

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Amanda Greybe, spokesperson for the Springs Police, says residents must be extra vigilant while driving.

“They smash a window or open an unlocked door and grab whatever they regard as valuable,” she says.

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Whether your vehicle is moving or stationary, bear the following tips form the police in mind:

• Lock all your doors and close all the windows.

“Thieves target you while your vehicle is stationary at traffic lights or when you are stuck in slow-moving traffic.”

• Don’t have bags, cellphones, briefcases or other valuables visible in the vehicle.

“Lock all your valuables in the boot of the car or behind the seat if it is a bakkie.”

• Be on constant lookout for any suspicious-looking characters.

“Don’t hesitate to report them to the police.”

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• When approaching a red traffic light at night, slow down so you reach it when it turns green.

“Therefore you do not need to stop and make yourself a possible target.”

Greybe adds that you must be wary of people standing at traffic lights or intersections.

“They may seem innocent, but perpetrators mix with these people while waiting for an opportunity to pounce.”

She also says perpetrators may even point to something being wrong with your vehicle to get you to open your window or get out of the car.

• Never open your window or door for strangers.

• If you encounter obstacles in the road such as rocks or tyres, do not get out of your vehicle to remove them. Immediately reverse and drive off in the opposite direction.

“Thieves target car parks, so always park your car in attended parking lots.”

• When parking at night, ensure you park in a well-lit area.

• Never sit in your vehicle without being fully conscious of your surround)ings.

Izahn Krige

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